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The Mount Crumpit Hike in Squamish is a cool alternative to some of the main trails in Squamish if you are looking to beat the crowds. While the masses flock to the Stawamus Chief, you can get similar, if not quite as spectacular views from the peak of Mt Crumpit.

From the peak you can get pretty views of Squamish town, Howe Sound and an awesome look at the towering and iconic Chief. This is also a great hike due to the easy access from either Vancouver or Squamish.

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Mount Crumpit Trail Overview

Mount Crumpit Squamish Hike Overview

How to Get to the Trailhead

From downtown Vancouver, head over the Lions Gate Bridge and then head west along the Trans-Canada Highway following signs for Whistler and Squamish. You will pass by the entrance to the Stawamus Chief Provincial Park and make sure to catch a glimpse of Shannon Falls as you drive by.

Around 2 kilometres after the entrance to the Chief you will turn right onto Valley Drive. This turns slightly right onto Guilford Drive and then you turn left onto Westway Avenue. Follow this road all the way to the end and you will find the trail head on the corner of Cherry Drive. Parking is free here and there is plenty of parking as it is a residential area.

*Tip: Do not type Mount Crumpit into Google Maps, as it will take you close to the mountain, but not at the trailhead. Use the map above to find the trail head.

Mount Crumpit in Squamish

Mount Crumpit Hike

There aren’t that many hikes around BC that you need to follow on a map, but trust us, this is one of them. There is a crazy amount of trails zig-zagging through the forest here and we came across what felt like endless junctions. Some are well sign posted, while others are not and you will definitely need to follow a map to work your way through the maze up to the summit.

While we will try and give a detailed description of the exact route we took, it is honestly difficult to explain in a guide like this. At the start of the hike, there are numerous paths intersecting the main trail, making it a truly confusing route.

We will give as good a description of our route as possible, but the best advice we can give is to download the All Trails app and use their map to guide you along this trail. As we continued along the hike, we continuously checked our location via GPS on our phone and the All Trails map. This ensured we stayed on the right path.

Trails in the forest are shared with mountain bikers so you will likely have to move to the side on several occasions to let them pass by you. We recommend going counter-clockwise in order to avoid going down the crazy steep Stairway to Heaven, but more on that later.

S&M connector trail

The first few steps are relatively simple. As you first walk into the trail, turn left at the first junction. After a few metres you will climb a short hill and you will take the trail on the left hand side that descends into the forest.

Follow signs for the Endo Trail and continue this path through the forest until you come out to a boardwalk in the long grass where you will turn right. After a short walk along the boardwalk turn left to follow the S&M Connector. After climbing for about 50 metres there is a large fallen tree on the right hand side covered in moss with a trail beside it. You should take this trail upwards and from here it is fairly easy to navigate to the top.

From here, the climb to the top is fairly short but reasonably steep and there are some really cool unmarked small side trails which take you to some cool viewpoints. It is a good workout without being an absolute killer, until you reach the very last climb up which is called the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and it is ridiculously steep. It is rated as a double black diamond trail for the mountain bikers and I can’t even imagine someone coming down this on a bike.

The steep section is quite short, but it is still a challenging climb up what feels like a near vertical hill. It would be an exceptionally difficult climb up in the rain. Once you reach the top it is just a short walk to a couple of awesome viewpoints.

Mount Crumpit hike in Squamish

Mount Crumpit Summit

It took us 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach the top from where we parked our car. We found this hike to be fairly quiet, especially as there are so many trails to choose from. There was only one other group at the top with us. There is a cool clearing with a large boulder where you can sit and enjoy the views.

You get an awesome view across to the Stawamus Chief and over the town of Squamish. Take some time here to refuel on hiking snacks and quench your thirst. There are also a couple of other small viewpoints to stop at as well.

The summit of Mount Crumpit

Once you’re ready to go, continue along the path back into the forest following the Woodpecker Trail. There is another short, steep and slightly sketchy climb down over the rocks which takes some care to navigate down. Once you have gone down this section it is quite plain sailing along the Woodpecker Trail.

Follow this trail until you reach the Fatherside Trail where you go left. This trail eventually leads back to the S&M Connector where you will turn left and this will take you all the way down to the boardwalk. Turn left at the boardwalk and this will lead you back to the first junction near the road. Turn right at this junction and you will be back on the corner of Cherry Drive.

The loop took us 2 hours and 30 minutes, although this included a decent break at the top to admire the views. Overall it was a moderate hike but it was quite muddy and slippery, especially in the sections with a lot of mountain bike traffic.

View of the Stawamus Chief from Mount Crumpit

Check out these great places to stay in Squamish

While we are always big fans of camping when visiting Squamish, there are also plenty of cool places to stay for all budgets.

Budget: Squamish Adventure Inn Hostel – A great option for anyone on a tight budget. This hostel is a great place to meet fellow explorers and has an awesome outdoor garden and patio to enjoy the epic sunsets. A daily shuttle services nearby attractions in the summer and Whistler in the winter.

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Mid-range: Howe Sound Inn & Brewing Company – Is there any better place to stay than at a craft brewery? The Inn is in a fantastic location and has awesome rustic rooms. You can also hang out in the sauna or grab a massage after a full day hiking.

>>See prices and availability here

Luxury: Executive Suites Hotel and Resort – This hotel has an indoor and an outdoor pool, a gym, and best of all, a hot tub. There are few better places to relax in after spending your day in the mountains.

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Final Thoughts

While this isn’t the most popular hike in the area, it does still offer impressive views of the Chief, Squamish town and the waters of Howe Sound. Another bonus is the relative quiet of this trail if you arrive before 10am, even on the weekends.

For the ease of access, moderate difficulty and decent views at the top, this is a hike that should definitely be on your itinerary the next time you are in Squamish!

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