Level8 Luggage Review: Do they live up to the hype?

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Any traveller knows that a great suitcase makes all the difference when you are going on a trip. Having spent 8 years travelling together and countless other trips across the globe, we feel like we know a thing or two about what makes a great suitcase. We bashed our last suitcases to pieces over these years of travel so we set out to find something new to travel with that would stand the test of time. We came across the Level8 luggage and thought it looked like the perfect option for us. Now having tested them thoroughly, we wanted to give our full Level8 luggage review.

There’s so much to consider when buying a new suitcase. Am I going to have enough space to bring everything I need on my trip? Will everything be nicely organized or will it all be tossed into one big compartment? Will my suitcase or its contents be damaged during the journey? Will one of the wheels fall off? (Yes, this happened to us on our last trip, hence the need for new luggage).

It seems like there are a million different options to choose from when it comes to luggage and we got really lucky as Level8 reached out to us to see if we would like to review their luggage. Talk about perfect timing. We were gifted the luggage, but we pride ourselves on always writing completely impartial reviews, and this Level8 review will be no different.

We recently took a trip to Ireland to visit Luke’s family and this was the perfect chance to test out the Level8 carry-on suitcases. The two cases we tested and are reviewing are the Road Runner Carry-On 20” and the Luminous Textured Carry-On 20”. Read on to see our full Level8 carry-on review.

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level8 luggage review

Who are Level8?

Level8 are a luggage company based out of New York, in the USA. They offer free shipping to the contiguous US, Canada, the UK as well as across the rest of Europe. They also ship their cases to almost everywhere so no matter where you are, you should be able to get your hands on one of these amazing suitcases. You can see all of their shipping information and rates here.

As a high-end luggage company, Level8 is focused on high-quality luggage using premium and durable materials. This means you won’t be looking for a new case in a couple of years, these will last the test of time. Luckily, you don’t need to take our word for it, your suitcase will be backed by their lifetime warranty. According to their website, LEVEL8 offers a lifetime warranty that covers any functional damage to the shell, wheels, handles, zippers, or anything else that impairs your use of the luggage. It’s nice to know you are not going to be left with busted luggage after purchasing your suitcase.

Feature Overview for Level8 Luggage and Level8 Carry On

Durable and Water Resistant Outer Shell

The Level8 cases all come with a hard shell, which really is the only way to go in our opinion. Even when you are using carry on luggage, your suitcase is going to get tossed around a bit in the overhead bins, especially as other travellers put their suitcases up next to yours. We’ve also been on several flights where we have been forced to check our carry-on bags and put them in with the rest of the checked baggage. You cannot always guarantee that your case is going to be handled lightly, so having something tough and built to last is super important to us.

The hard outer shell of this suitcase is crafted with durable German-made Makrolon® polycarbonate. It is tough and durable so it will last for years to come (backed by their lifetime guarantee mentioned above) and you won’t have to worry about it if you do have to check your bags.

The other thing we love about the shell of this bag is that it is waterproof. We’ve turned up in tropical downpours in destinations like the Philippines and our backpacks definitely didn’t do the greatest job of keeping everything dry as we travelled to our hostel. Having a bag built to withstand wet weather means when you turn up soaked, you’ll at least have some dry clothes to change into.

Level8 Luggage

TSA-Approved Locks

We love this feature! As we are often staying in hostels, it is so nice to have an added layer of security. You definitely don’t want anyone rummaging through your bags when you travel so having TSA-approved locks built into the suitcase makes life much easier. It’s super easy to reset the bags with your own code and the zips click into place on the built-in locks and pop open with the slide of a latch when the correct code is put in.

What I really like is that on my case, the Road Runner Carry On 20″, is that I can lock both compartments. As there is a front compartment for things like my laptop and other small electronics, it is awesome that this can also be locked into the same place as the main zippers keeping the entire contents of the bag secure. We always travel with a laptop, and usually cameras, drones, and other valuable gear so having these locks gives us much more peace of mind when travelling.

4 Wheels

This is the first 4 wheeled suitcase we have ever had and it is a big improvement on the 2 wheeled (well actually now 1 wheeled) suitcases we have been travelling with. The 360-degree spinner wheels make it much more comfortable to wheel the suitcase beside you rather than behind you. Plus, we also found our small bag that slips over the handle of the carry on luggage sits much better on a bag being rolled upright.

This is one of those sublt features you wouldn’t think you would particularly notice, but these are extremely smooth, quiet, and high quality wheels so it does make walking through the airport easier. And I personally really like the pop of colour with the yellow logo on the wheels.

Adjustable Handle

Similar to the smooth 4 wheels above, having a fully adjustable handle was something I had never had on a suitcase before, and to be honest could live without, but I love having it on these bags. Most bags are either handle up or handle down, whereas the Level8 suitcases have multiple height options suitable for all sizes of travellers.

Like I said, you can live without this sort of premium feature, but if you are looking for premium luggage then these are the sorts of things that really start to set your luggage apart.

Easy to Organize

Long gone are the days of one giant compartment that you have to cram all of your luggage into. The Level8 suitcases are built with multiple roomy compartments, zippered pockets, and you can choose to pack a little heavier with their compression system allowing you to squeeze that extra pair of pants into your suitcase.

We tend to be on the move every few days when we travel, so we actually tend to live out of our suitcases rather than fully unpack them each time we arrive somewhere new. Having some form of organization in our bags makes this much easier. Additionally, keeping toiletries and electronics separate in case of the dreaded shampoo explosion is always nice too.

The Road Runner has the additional front pocket for your electronics, and they have several different options with a similar front pocket. This gives you extra space for your laptop, there is a separate tablet sleeve, plus extra pockets for things like chargers, e-readers and all of your cables. Again, this is a welcome change from the pile of cables that used to live in the bottom of my suitcase.

This front pocket also makes going through security really easy as you can simply unzip the front section and pull out any electronics that need to go in the tray rather than having to dig around the main compartment of your suitcase.


I was expecting these suitcases to be very heavy but was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. Being hard shells with lots of extra compartments, locks, and a couple of extra wheels, it would have been easy for them to weigh a ton. As they use premium materials it means they can cut the weight way down and it makes hauling your case in and out of taxis, trains, and busses, as well as in and out of the overhead storage in the plane that bit easier.

Roxy’s Luminous Textured Carry-On 20” weighs in at just 7.7lbs and my Road Runner with the extra front pocket weighs in at 9.5lbs. The fact that these bags are lightweight means you are more likely to meet the stingy weight requirements from the airline you are travelling with.

Style and Design

It almost feels like a weird world we live in where the look and feel of your suitcase matters, and while it won’t matter to everyone, it is really nice to have a beautifully designed suitcase that looks great. We travel a lot, we post photos and videos as we travel, and honestly having a bag that looks great is just a nice cherry on top. I love the yellow accents that pop on the wheels and that are subtly on the main logo on the front of the suitcases. It also makes it easy to spot when it comes round on the baggage carousel.

What are the cons of the Level8 Luggage?

As we mentioned at the start, we want to give our unbiased opinion of these suitcases. While this is the best set of suitcases we have ever owned, they do have a couple of minor drawbacks.

Firstly, the carry-on bags will not be suitable for some budget airlines. If you have ever flown with the likes of Ryanair you know the feeling when the agent walks down the line with the box that has to fit over your suitcase. While the Level8 carry-on suitcases will fit in most airlines, the super budget ones have stricter requirements and you do run the risk of extra fees with these bags.

One other thing we found was that the finishes between the two bags made a difference with picking up dust and dirt. Roxy’s Luminous Textured Carry-On 20” is built with an anti-scratch surface which is a special diamond-textured material which helps reduce scratches and does an awesome job of not picking up dust and dirt. The black colour also helps with this.

My Road Runner suitcase was not built with this material and the lighter blue colour did show up dust and dirt more than her bag did. This isn’t a functional issue and we realize we are nitpicking a bit here, but we did want to give a full and honest review of the bag. I think I would probably choose this suitcase in black if I were to get it again, although with a lifetime guarantee that hopefully won’t be necessary.

Luggage For Every Type of Adventure

Level8 offers a huge range of suitcases for every type of adventure. We love to travel mainly with carry-on and even with this in mind, they have multiple different options and numerous sizes to choose from. That means you can find the perfect bag for a short weekend getaway with something like the Luminous Textured Carry-On 18” which is a bit smaller and easy to pack. On our 3-week trip to Ireland, I took a bit more room with the Road Runner Carry-On 20″ and with the added electronics compartment at the front, I was able to fit everything I needed in one case in just a carry-on. That is pretty good going!

I know lots of people also like to pack a bit heavier for their trips and will want to check bags. Level8 has you covered with a wide range of suitcases to choose from. If you are after a smaller checked bag then something like the Luminous Textured Check-In 24” is ideal.

And if you really want to go all out and ensure you have every single thing you need, the Voyageur Check-In at 28″ or 30″ offers you a massive amount of space with all of the premium features you need, including a dry-wet separation pocket for smart, clean organization.

One of the nice things about Level8 is that if you bundle different suitcases together there is a discount or you can buy complete sets from them too.

Conclusion: Are the Level8 suitcases worth it?

After a thorough Level8 luggage review and putting the suitcases through their paces, the answer is yes! And this was a very easy answer for us as we truly love these bags. We are on weekend getaways around Vancouver with friends every few months, we take regular trips back to Ireland to see my family, longer trips to Australia, and lots of other places both near and far. We have used lots of different suitcases and backpacks over the years and these are by far and away the best suitcases we have travelled with.

The premium look and feel of these bags are easy to love, they hold everything we need for shorter and longer trips, and weirdly our favourite feature might be the crazy high quality wheels that come with these bags. Who knew? We would happily recommend these suitcases to anyone looking to buy a premium and durable suitcase.

There are lots of choices at Level8 so we just recommend researching which one will work best for you. Roxy and I both got different suitcases and funnily neither of us would swap for each other’s so you just have to find what will fit your needs but there are plenty of options to choose from.

Follow along on our socials @luke.and.roxy on Instagram and TikTok and keep an eye out for the yellow Level8 logo on our wheels during any of our future travels!



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